Windcaster is a small application that sits in your windows system tray and alerts you when the wind conditions are perfect for kite flying. It periodically downloads the latest weather report from a Weather Underground xml feed and extracts the wind speed data. The latest wind speed report is extracted from the xml and compared to a custom minimum and optimum wind velocity. A percentage value of the current kite flying conditions is generated, 0% means you have no chance of getting off of the ground, 100% means the current wind matches or exceeds your optimum. The percentage value can be output over a serial port to drive a physical indicator like the small kite on a servo that I constructed. As the the wind approaches the optimum speed the tiny kite rises into the air. I've provided example firmware for a Basic Stamp microcontroller, but any serial device should be able to read in the ASCII string "!V{percentage value}" without the brackets.

  1. Windcaster Application (MSI)
  2. Basic Stamp Example Firmware (BS2)