The UAT Nearspace team has successfully launched two high altitude balloons carrying a payload of sensors, still camera, and a video camera. The project was initiated as a special topics course at the university of advancing technology and has developed into an ongoing project that allows students to test their skills in the harsh enviroment of the upper atmosphere. I hold the position of launch master for the team and have the responsibility of organizing the missions and the team, overseeing all aspects of each mission, and ensuring that procedures are well followed. We strive to maintain a professional atmosphere that emulates a sort of DIY NASA. Our first launch, CONNERY-1, from Freeman, AZ reached an apogee of 93,000ft ASL and recorded a wealth of pictures with speculator views of the earth's curvature and the blackness of space. CONNERY-2 carried an improved sensor package on a precisely timed flight into the setting sun, capturing images of both day and night as the balloon was carried across south-eastern Phoenix. Pending additional funding another launch is planed for late 2009.

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